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Diamond Group maintains an investment portfolio of holding
shares in publicity traded companies and banks, such as:
• Dar Es Salam Investment Bank.
• Baghdad Bank.
• Jordan National Bank (JNB).
• Baghdad Company for soft Drinks (Pepsi Cola).
• Baghdad Hotel L.L.C
• Dar Es Salam Insurance Co.

Real Estate

Diamond Investment Group LLC is an Iraq-based company involved in a diverse range of activities including real estate, investment, property management and property development. Boasting a strong financial background and an excellent record of unparalleled development projects, Diamond Group ensures the delivery of the right products to our customers in a timely manner with state of the art facilities and unmatched levels of service. Diamond Group’s goal is to achieve a diversified portfolio and to serve a variety of market segments including the residential, the commercial / office, the hospitality and the warehouse sector. Diamond Group owns more than 2.8 million square meters in prime locations in Iraq and Jordan. Most of our property is located in residential, industrial and commercial zones.

We provide innovative capital market and legal expertise to a broad range of high net worth individual, partnership and corporate clients.

Whether you are an existing owner of real estate or an investor looking to diversify your portfolio, Worldwide Real Estate can provide you with the opportunities and advisory services to achieve your investment goals.

Our services also include deal sourcing, negotiation and execution, investment advising and portfolio management.

Our wide range of professional real estate services include:
• Real Estate Valuation
• Market Research
• Investment Advisory
• Project Management
• Development Consultancy
• Feasibility Studies
• Property Management
• Mortgage & Brokerage

Our team of real estate professionals can guide investors through every step of real estate management, from buying land all the way to providing feasibility studies and development consultancy, managing the project and leasing and/or selling the property.
Oil & Gas

Since being established over 30 years ago Diamond Group has become one of the acknowledged leaders in its field. Today it provides the most Oil and Gas complete solutions to it customers in the middle East Area, very wide range of services, Diamond Group Supply most of the Oil and Gas field requirements such as:
• Process & refinery Design
• Process Monitoring
• Pressure Gauges
• Mechanical Seals
• Air compressors
• Special Industrial Pumps
• Pipes
• Pipe Fittings
• Pipe coating Machines
• Multi Flange connectors
• Instrumentations
• Laboratories
• Electronic Pressure Transmitters
• Diagnostic Tools
• Special Trucks and Tankers
• Valves
• Alarm system, Gas Detectors
• Control Panels
• Electric Boards
• Gas Turbines
• Steam Turbines
• Level Gauges
• Couplings & Transmission Units
• Pneumatics
• Special Filters
• Positioners (Analog, Digital)
• Special Pumps and Parts
• Industrial Tools
• Adhesives
• Solenoid Valves
• Welding & Cutting equipments
• Actuators
• Explosion - Proof Motors.
• Couplings
• O-Rings
• Tubing seamless, Carbon Steel seamless tube, Copper Tubes
• Metering systems
• Oil drilling Rigs
• Oil drilling Chemicals
• Mad Pumps
• Cementing Units
• Heavy duty Cranes
• Construction Equipments
• Vessels.
• Steam traps & Systems
• Seals
• Oil-Water Separators
• Energy recover Systems
• Actuators (Electric/Mechanical/Pneumatic)
• Switches
• Wellhead Valves

Our sales of Oil and Gas Equipment, spares & services have been increasing Dramatically in the past 15 years. Our success is based on Quality, reliability and reasonable competitive prices with our customer satisfaction guaranteed services, We are proud to have a big customers such as:
• South Gas Company (SGC)
• North Gas Company (NGC)
• South Refineries Company (SRC)
• Midland Refinery Company (Daura)
• North Refineries Company (NRC - Baiji)
• South Oil Company (SOC)
• Missan Oil Company (MOC)
• North Oil Company (NOC)
• Oil Product Distribution Company (OPDC)
• State Company for Oil Projects (SCOP)
• Oil Pipe line Company (OPL)
• British Petroleum (BP)
• Lukoil

Diamond Group Work side by side with it clients and offer a unique Solutions With the right services at the right conditions and time without surprises. We have the answers to the complex obstacles our customers face. With the use of most cutting-edge technology, we are able to provide innovative solutions at a reduced cost and increased efficiency.
Our Shipping - logistic department will handle your order directly from the suppliers with the lowest possible freight rates.

Our Suppliers:


When you visit us you will find a Luxurious ambience, Impeccable service , Exclusive brands.

Diamond Group takes pride in being the premier destination for discerning customers in the Baghdad and surrounding regions in IRAQ . We are passionate about fine Jewellery and Luxury Swiss watches, and we take great pleasure in offering high-caliber brands that elevate our clients to the pinnacle of style and prestige.

Enter our doors and experience the warmth of our highly knowledgeable, friendly associates who will happily indulge your desire for something prestigious, sophisticated, and beautiful.

Adorn your wrist with a watch from the very latest timepiece collections offered by the Luxury Swiss Watches Manufacturers .

Offering unsurpassed customer service and quality, Our boutique showrooms are the premier destination for Jewellery and Luxury Swiss watches lovers in Baghdad – Iraq and savvy visitors from around the world.

One of the most important aspects of the services offered by Diamond Group is commitment to care for watches after they have been sold to our customers . Our policy is not just to sell a watch but to build a relationship by offering excellent, dedicated & professional service which engenders loyalty and satisfaction of the customer.

Our reputation is worn the world over on the wrists of our customers. No wonder we care deeply about after sales service. To assure a level of service that matches our brand’s reputation.


The Diamond Group Team provides unparalleled expertise in implementing construction, mechanical and electrical projects on a turnkey basis. We start with the design and work through the implementation, testing, commissioning and maintenance services for infrastructure projects.

Our Management team is composed of highly qualified and competent engineers with extensive experience in their respective disciplines. We established and designated one of our construction companies, UCG, to maintain high standards of quality, customer service and technical support at all stages of our projects.

The company has a powerful resource pool of staff experience, with years of demonstrated industry specific expertise in costing, planning, building and delivery of projects that is unmatched in the industry. This expertise, combined with local market knowledge, has rendered Turner the national leader in many regions and cities, as well as in a wide variety of sectors, including commercial, offices, education, sports, hotels/motels, healthcare, pharmaceutical, multi-unit residential, correctional and entertainment/public facilities.

We provide competitively priced, customer-focused, high quality services. Our quality management strategy recognizes both our customers’ high expectations and the fact that our products and services are essential to everyday life.

Heavy equipments Division

• Backhoe Loaders
• Crawler Excavators
• Mini Crawler Excavators
• Midi Crawler Excavators
• Mobile Excavator
• Compact Mobile Excavator
• Compact Wheel Loaders
• Industrial Wheel Loaders
• Power Wheel Loaders
• Material Handlers
• Motor Graders
• Site Dumpers

Diamond Group is proud to be the new Terex Dealer in IRAQ, We are looking to deliver the right solutions for our Iraqi customers to cover all them Construction/ Heavy Duty equipment needs, offering a diverse range of equipment that includes off-highway rigid trucks, articulated trucks, wheel loaders, site dumpers, backhoe loaders, crawlers and mobile excavators.
Our Customers will benefit from a dedicated Sales, Parts and Service team whose primary focus is to achieve our company total commitment of providing high quality service and exceeding customer expectations. Terex has grown to become one of the most influential companies within the Construction industry.

Terex has invested in research and development, engineering, rigorous testing and training plus state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to develop a portfolio of new Construction products. By ‘Building on technology’ and pioneering innovation, Terex has developed a Construction range that consistently exceeds the customers’ expectations by providing world class reliability, durability, safety and productivity.

Terex is committed to manufacturing high quality, reliable, construction products for diverse applications including road building, quarrying and mining to optimize your productivity and profitability.

Having such a wide range of construction equipment which includes offhighway rigid trucks, articulated trucks, wheel loaders, material handlers, site dumpers, backhoe loaders, Cranes, Crawler and mobile excavators, makes it easy for TEREX to provide you with an Excellent solutions to your construction equipment requirements.

TEREX as a worldwide company has a plants to Manufacture it products in USA, UK, Germany, and Many other countries around the word. TEREX A company focused on producing quality capital equipment that delivers the productivity, return on investment and cost effectiveness that today’s value conscious customers demand.

Terex markets more than 50 diverse and well respected brands, which cover a broad range of equipment for the construction, infrastructure, and quarrying, recycling, surface mining, shipping, transportation, refining, utility, and maintenance industries.

Construction Equipments including:
• Backhoe Loaders
• Wheel loaders
• Compact Tracked Loaders
• Skid steer
• Crawler Excavators
• Wheeled Excavators
• Rail Road Excavators
• Mini/Midi Excavators
• Bulldozer
• Motor grader
• Crane
• Compaction Rollers
• Articulated Dump trucks
• Rigid Dump trucks
• Site Dumpers( up to 10 tons)

Roads & Bridges building Equipments including:
• Asphalt production and paving
• Aggregate Bins
• Asphalt Bag houses
• Asphalt Drum Mixers
• Asphalt Pavers
• Asphalt Silos
• Cold Planers
• Exclaimers / Stabilizers
• Concrete Production & Paving
• Concrete Plants
• Placer / Spreaders
• Roller Pavers
• Slipform Pavers
• Texture / Curing Machines
• Work Bridges
• Motor Scrapers
• Street sweepers

Broderson Manufacture Corporation Cranes
Do you have a warehouse or a factory? Need to move things around? We have a solution for you in the form of small ‘pick & carry’ cranes.
Broderson has been designing, manufacturing and marketing industrial and Rough Terrain Cranes for more than thirty-five years. Pick & Carry Cranes, with capacity from 2.5 Tons to 18 Tons. Designed and built for reliability and accessibility. Customized with a variety of options for your specific needs. Broderson products are Ideal for Yard Work or inside warehouses where large Cranes cannot enter or maneuver.

Our Suppliers:

IT Solutions

Unique Business Solutions Ltd. (UBS) is an Iraqi company providing IT products and technology enabled technology solutions and services and it is the General Marketing and Services Representative of IBM in IRAQ – We are proud to be the leading provider of end-to-end enterprise information technology solutions, based on the complete range of IBM hardware and software products.

Deliver Creative technology solutions to help our customers in Iraq achieve their objectives

Why UBS ?
UBS focuses on helping its clients to realize the business values from new technologies and take a practical approach to achieve their business objectives through a realistic use of Information Technology; our experts and network of Business Partners provide insights into some of the timeliest technologies and development methodologies.

We partner with our customers to make a difference on the way they conduct their business and contribute to their success. Knowledge transfer is a cornerstone of our relation with our partnering clients where our consultants have the blend of services delivery and teaching the best practice through workshops, hands-on and on the Job training.

Our offering:
UBS is a total solution provider of Infrastructure (Network, Hardware and software), Software based projects and business applications, partnering with leading technology partners such as IBM, Oracle, APICOR, Siebel and others.

Business solutions Applications:
Implementation of readymade applications like
• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation of major application like Oracle and APICOR
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation of Siebel and MS
• Electronic Content Management and Business Process Management (ECM/BPM) from IBM

Control, measurement and governance technologies:
Our top notch professionals are trained to provide state of the art technology solutions based on the industry leaders like IBM. Solutions
• IT Governance and System Development Life Cycle managements
• Portal and e-Services development and integration with the existing and future back end systems.
• IS Security and Enterprise System Management

Hardware and Infrastructure offerings:
UBS operates with total dedication to our customers. This is made possible through our offerings that cover the marketing, services and support functions.

UBS has in-house expertise to market and support the range of IBM hardware and software products including small, medium and large servers, storage, software and applications, such as:
• System P(pSeries) Unix based servers
• System I (iSeries)
• System X (xSeries) Intel Based Servers

IBM business hardware products
offer the best of both worlds - IBM’s heritage of technical innovation and reliability in hardware tailored to meet your business needs and resources. You can rely on IBM’s business hardware products to be affordable and easy to use, deploy and manage

IBM pSeries
is one of the industry’s fastest growing UNIX platforms. The server line features systems that deliver excellent overall value through unique advanced virtualization technology, allowing customers to do more with a single system than ever before

IBM iSeries line of systems
is a complete and secure integrated business system capable of running thousands of the world’s most popular business applications. It provides fast, more reliable and highly secure ways to help customers simplify their IT environment

IBM xSeries Intel-based systems
combine technology innovation resulting from decades of business insight with industry-standard components. They offer pay-as-you-grow solutions and deliver exceptional availability, simplified manageability, outstanding performance and scalability

Infrastructure solutions
are provided by UBS to cover LAN, WAN, and Security in addition to our class offering in bespoke and packaged business solutions.


Diamond Group is highly proud of being one of the main suppliers in Middle East for different well-known brands of Trucks. Our business main purpose at the
company is to reach:
• Long lasting
• Profitable
• Professional
• One-stop transportation services marketing co.

Diamond Group is one of the largest commercial trucks Providers in the Middle East Region. And with a superior network of service facilities providing consistent transportation services and products of the highest quality and value when compared to our major competitors.

In order to complete this mission, our team is ready at any time to provide the customers with new or expanded transportation services such as:
• Full-Maintenance
• Contract Maintenance
• Fleet Management
• Class 3,4 import trucks
• On-off highway trailers
• Yard tractors
• Wrecker and other specialized bodies

And it is recognized that only by achieving significantly superior profitability in all seven segments of our business, We at Diamond Group can guarantee sustainability, cash flow and equity appreciation adequate to capitalize future growth, provide a financial return to investors and assure the long term financial viability of the Company and the permanent interest of its stockholders, customers and employees.

The Sales rates of the Trucks is to be considered one of our main activities because we have a fully equipped workshop (Repair Center) in Baghdad – IRAQ with a 7, 500 m2 and another one in Jordan with 10000 m2 to serve each type Trucks & Heavy equipments.

Diamond Group offers the full complete line of Products such as :
• Conventional, Regular and Premium
• Low Forward Entry Trucks
• Medium Duty Trucks
• Low Profile Vehicles
• Utility Vehicles
• Reefers
• Step Vans
• Bus Chassis
• Severe Service Trucks
• Special Equipment

Our sales team is exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced in the sophisticated computer- based programs that are specially designed to help you make the best possible equipment purchase by considering these important factors:
• Product Comparisons
• Equipment Specifications
• Fuel Impact Analysis
• Vehicle Weight
• Vehicle Replacement Schedule
• Residual Value

Maintenance Facility Analysis:
Reliability, reasonable competitive prices and customer satisfaction are the three
major factors of our success.

Where we deal and work closely with many major component suppliers and
body-builder companies who can provide engineering and training when needed.

Sales of our Trucks/Buses have been increasing tremendously in the past 10 years.

Spare Parts:

DIAMOND GROUP guarantees the supply of original spare parts for all models and series manufactured by INTERNATIONAL Trucks Engine Corp. We also guarantee any other component made by manufacturers related to INTERNATIONAL Trucks such as Cummins and Caterpillar. We supply these parts on site in Iraq at very competitive prices, maintaining warehouses in Baghdad, Kirkuk, Irbil, Zarka Free Zone and Basrah. We provide the full range of spare parts for immediate delivery to our customers in Iraq. Our customers have access to all the required spare parts for their trucks as well as any technical assistance they need 7 days a week.

Our inventory of approximately $1,600,000.00 and sales of $3,500,000.00 annually qualifies our company as the leading commercial truck sales organization in the county. Our sources for primary parts include International Truck and Bus, Cummins, CAT, Detroit and International Diesel Engine, BAI, Goodyear and TIMCO Trailer as well as approximately150 lesser commercial truck spare part direct shipping product lines.

We believe that most of our customers prioritize their major concerns as follows:
• Product availability, convenience, and speed of delivery
• Competitive pricing
• Product quality and warranty

Recognizing these priorities, parts availability and the willingness to provide convenient facilities and quick delivery at competitive prices as well as other related superior customer services is essential to our success in this business. Our online parts store is currently under construction and it will be available in the near future. Please contact our parts department via email or call (+962 6 5522886).
Diamond Group is a supplier of all makes and manufactures, and our qualified staff can meet all of your needs.

Spare Parts Suppliers:

Warranty and After Sales Service:
You are welcome to visit our showroom and service center. Over the past 5 years, Diamond Grouphas earned an outstanding reputation for quality work and dependable service to the Heavy Equipments & Automotive industry. Utilizing our team of experienced staff members at Diamond Group, we provide service for vehicles including heavy-duty trucks, buses, trailers, and much more. The superiority of Diamond Group’s work is demonstrated in our increasing rates of returning customers.

Diamond Group’s service center and body shop specializes in the repair of major and minor Heavy Equipment & truck body damage as well as engine and gear box maintenance. Our highly experienced technical team is capable of handling projects of all sizes, yielding high quality and efficient results. Our facility is qualified to accommodate insurance work as well as municipal, state, and county level jobs.

Custom warranties allow you to specify the type of coverage required to meet your unique operating needs. Nearly every component (or combination of components) in the International product line-up can be covered for almost any length of time and any number of miles.
Please contact us for complete details on custom warranty packages.

Diamond Group customers include distributors, organizations, governments, international contractors, diplomats, companies and individuals. These customers choose Diamond Group because we offer unique services without surprises. We receive each vehicle at our secured under-roof premises.


Japanese and German sedan cars and 4x4 SUV vehicles have constantly evolved over the years, becoming benchmarks in their respective market segment and setting unprecedented standards in the automobile industry.

A name that spells quality and value, each one of its wide spectrum of vehicles is a leader in its class and the first choice of discerning consumers.

Diamond Group continues to dominate the Iraqi roads with an exhaustive range of passenger cars that is designed to satisfy every customer and meet all budget needs. With its 2,000m2 showroom and fully-equipped service workshops and parts facilities, Diamond Group is one of the largest distributors of automobiles and automotive products in the Iraqi market.

In 2010, our company was proud to sell more than 3,000 brand new vehicles in Iraq

Our Routine Maintenance Contract:
• Our routine maintenance contract includes all labour, lubricants, parts and consumables. The maintenance schedule is designed according to the recommendations of the manufacturing company (every 5000 kms for this region).
• Payment is 100% in advance, but can be arranged in 2 installments upon your request.
• All customers buying a maintenance contract will be entitled to a discount of 10% on labour and 14% on parts purchased from our workshops for noncontractual repairs and replacements.
• Quality Service with genuine parts & a full service history increases the resale value of your car.
• Avoid the hassles of payment every time you bring your vehicle for service.
• Our customers are given priority at all Diamond Group workshops throughout Iraq.
• Services are transferable and refundable providing submission of documentary evidence.

Vehicles Armoring - Bullet Proof Vehicles

When you come to Diamond Group, a sales staff with over 25 years of experience in the armoring industry will be at your service. All of the support you require to define your risk profile and meet your armoring needs will be at your fingertips.

Highly qualified personnel will personally evaluate you, assessing your individual risk and security needs and recommending the most appropriate type of armoring.

Diamond Group can armor any vehicle that you choose (even your own, new or used) with the following levels of protection:

This is a medium/ low level of armoring, designed to defeat short and medium range guns, such as .357 magnum, 9mm and below.

This level is designed to prevent kidnapping attempts with medium range guns, such as .44 magnum, 9mm. caliber Mini UZI machine guns, .12 caliber shotguns and below.

This level is designed to defeat terrorist attacks with high range guns, such as AK 47, M16 and below.

Each cabins interior is reinforced with lightweight but extremely resistant bullet proofing material. More importantly, the windows are replaced with state of the art, laminated glass and reinforced with polycarbonate coating. All of our bulletproof glazing and windows are capable of resisting repeated firearm assaults from a plethora of caliber. They can also withstand explosions, depending on the level of armoring required by the customer. All glass and windows constantly resist exhaustive ballistic and explosive testing, ensuring that we are always delivering the safest and most consistently reliable product to our customers.


Recent conflicts in the Middle East have demonstrated that the new generation of armored vehicles must comply not only with international ballistic standards but must also be designed and developed to withstand direct or nearby attacks from grenades, anti-personal mines, or improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

The experience gathered by Diamond Group in these aggressive operating scenarios has led us to re-engineer our armoring with the purpose of:

• Reducing deformation levels of thr vechicle's structure, particularrly the floor.
• Assuring that the armored glass and its anchoring points exhibit adequate resistance in the event of an explosive blast.
• Considerably limiting the risk of detachment or protrusion of elements comprising the armoring within the passenger cabin.
• Battery, ECU unit and brake booster protection.
• Reinforced suspensions and sway / torsion bars
• Run Flat inserts

Medical & Pharma

Diamond Group established a successful medical and pharmaceutical company to cater medical products to Iraqi and private markets, We provide comprehensive training for medical representatives in order to equip them with necessary knowledge and skills.

Diamond Group represents many well-known medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers in Iraq. We regard consulting and service as equally important to the medical product itself.

Our team consists of 5 experts, and we prioritize customer counseling by trained staff members at the Baghdad head office.

Promoting innovation, protecting quality standards and improving our customer service are all integral parts of our policy. Our philosophy of success incorporates our awareness that satisfied and convinced customers are our most important asset.

Pharmaceutical: The pharmaceutical division represents the biggest segment of Diamond Group and includes products from many multinational corporations.

Through its various ranges of pharmaceutical products, Diamond Group achieved high sales and built a solid marketing network. This network served as an introductory platform for the other new divisions within the company.

List of Medical Products
• X-ray Machines
• Intra Oral Cameras
• Medical Microscopes
• CT-Scans
• Dental Instruments
• Optics
• MRIs
• Dental Materials
• Thermometers
• Bone Scans
• Dental Units
• Catheters
• Hospital Furniture
• Consumable Kits
• Kidney Dialysis
• Laboratories
• ICU equipment
• Oral Implants
• Sterilizing Machines (Hot Air Sterilizer, Autoclave Machines)

Security Solutions

• Armored Vehicles
• Fire Alarm and Detection
• Voice Alarms
• Bullet Proof Vests
• Fire Extinguishers
• Walk Through
• Access Control
• Fire Hose Racks & Reels
• Gas Detection
• Fire Pumps
• Foam
• Door Locks
• Power Metering
• Building Management
• Electronic Locks
• Hotel Guest Locks
• Interactive TV
• Electronic Security
• Parking Management
• Emergency
• TelephonesSprinklers
• Mirrors

Diamond Group has the capability to support a wide range of clients, government bodies, business enterprises and individuals operating in high-risk areas, as well as smaller companies and traveling executives.

Navigating the business sector in Iraq and the Middle East requires a firm understanding of the local cultural, regulatory, and commercial context. Diamond Group maintains strategic human intelligence sources in Iraq as well as effective researchers in key organizations in the region, continually providing accurate and competitive information.

We are able to identify potential problem areas and provide reassurance that the transaction or relationship can proceed with confidence. We provide intelligence and reliable insight into the strengths, vulnerabilities and strategies of competitors and potential business partners.

We excel in offering the most secure, competitive, and integrated solutions specific to your needs. We achieve quality and reliability in every system with flawless installation and on-time delivery.

A diverse team of highly qualified professionals with academic and practical experience in law, finance, business, auditing, accounting, consulting, and information technology contributes to our staff. In addition to business intelligence, our investigative staff in the Middle East is able to ensure compliance with corporate policy and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Mission Statement

“DG’s Mission is to best serve our customers as a market leader in each of our core sectors”


We are constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve. We embrace change as an opportunity for progress.


We strive to achieve excellence in every task we undertake through ongoing quality enhancement. Utilizing key data collection and monitoring, we take action based on experience of what works.


We communicate openly and proactively, building trust by honoring our commitments. We value diversity and respect as vital assets.


We are honest in all of our interactions. We continue to build our reputation by adhering to the highest of ethical standards.


We recognize and reward outstanding achievement. We hold ourselves accountable for reaching our goals.

Background & Philosophy

Diamond Group Diamond Group was established as a professional corporation in 1978. Since then, our firm has become a recognized leader in the community of local trading and industrial firms. We have built our success on partnerships with our customers. Our size is a distinct advantage; we are small enough to offer personalized attention to our customers, but large enough to meet a wide range of customer needs.
Diamond Group strives to maintain our customer-focused philosophy, welcoming change while making decisions based on a clear understanding of quality and value.

We provide multiple avenues to doing business in a secure environment guided by prudent rules and regulations.
We constantly review our procedures, priorities, rules, regulations and policies in order to ensure that we are providing effective and efficient services to our customers and Diamond Group staff.
We recognize and accept that change is ongoing, and that rather than posing obstacles it provides us with the opportunity to improve our responsiveness to customer needs.
We continually enhance our business processes to support a user-friendly and convenient environment that improves customer and employee satisfaction.
We demonstrate accountability to our customers by taking responsibility for our actions. We also encourage our customers to take responsibility for managing their retirement and health benefits.
We promote open communication at every level of our business..

Diamond Group Holding Companies

The following companies member of Diamond Group Holding:
Arab Legend for Commercial Agencies (ALCA)
Universal Contracting Group (UCG)
Orient Security Co., Ltd
Diamond Group for commerical Agencies
Unique Jewel for General Trade (UJGT)
Trust for Petroleum Services
Petro-Solutions Ltd.

Point of Contacts

Baghdad, Al-Jadriyah district, Baghdad University main Street Diamond Group Building, BLDG # 16
(Infront of Al Hamra Hotel)
Tel: +964 79 01309294
       +964 77 03900247
Email: service.desk@diamond-grp.com

Amman, Shmisani, Abdul Hameed Sharaf Street
Diamond Group Building, BLDG # 52.
P.O. Box : 911311 Amman 11191 Jordan
Tel: +9626 5655070 - +9626 5655071 - +9626 5666682
Fax: +9626 5666683
Email: Feedback@diamond-grp.com

Ocean Height Tower, 60 Floor, Office # 6007
Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE
Email: Feedback@diamond-grp.com

Al-Jazaaer, Al-Abbasiyah
Tel: +964 7808384477
E-Mail: commercial@diamond-grp.com

819 Canyon Street, Mississauga, On
Canada, L5H 4M3
Tel : +1 647 205 6163
Email : safi@diamond-grp.com